Cleaning is a heavy task
Let us carry it for you!


Locally owned and operated cleaning company servicing the greater Austin Area.

Our goal at Maid for Cleaning is to provide our clients with the utmost cleaning service possible. We understand that keeping a house clean is a heavy task and we are here to help. We offer late night cleans. laundry service, & vehicle cleaning as well. No job is too big or too small.
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Ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Maid for Cleaning is your one stop solution for all your cleaning needs.

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  • Residential Maid Service

    We know your time is valuable. After a long day of work the last thing anyone wants to do is come home and work some more just to feel good in their own home. Let us take that weight off your shoulders so you can get back to what matters; your family and you. We clean all rooms: appliances, bathrooms, baseboards, backsplashes, beds, cabinets, ceiling fans, closets, dishes, dusting, floors (mopped, swept, & vacuumed), laundry & linens, showers, sinks, surfaces, mirrors, tiles, toilets, trash, walls, windows, windowsills, & more! We even offer on-site vehicle detail & wash!

  • Commercial Janitorial Cleaning

    Nearly 3.0 million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses were reported by private industry employers in 2012, resulting in an incidence rate of 3.4 cases per 100 equivalent full-time workers. This can greatly impact the productivity of your business. Germs can easily spread throughout a workplace, particularly during flu season. Clean floors can help greatly reduce accidents. Regularly cleaning or replacing HVAC system filters prevents them from becoming saturated, which could lead to potential microbial growth and odor concerns. Dirty light fixtures can reduce essential light levels, making it difficult and unsafe for employees to complete their daily tasks. A clean workplace means more than just having a fresh building. A clean workplace also ensures the safety and health of employees and visitors.

  • Late Night Appointments

    We know that not everyone works a typical 9-5 job, that's why our staff is available 24/7 so you can schedule your cleaning outside of typical hours held by most other companies.

  • One Time Service

    Maybe you entertained the night before and need help cleaning up after all of your guests. Perhaps the kids just had a sleepover and your house looks like a tornado just came through. We don't expect all of our clients to have long-term contracts and we're happy to come by and help with the cleanup.

  • New House Cleaning

    New houses can be an exciting experience and can leave you forgetting that someone with different cleaning habits might have lived here for years prior. People's cooking smells can linger long after they're gone, bathrooms and surfaces can be home to millions of bacteria. That's why numerous experts recommended giving your new home a deep clean prior to moving your family in. Let us tackle that chore for you as you've already gone through enough work looking for, securing, and moving into your new home.

  • Move In/Out

    Leaving the cleaning to your property management company can cost you between $500 - $1000 plus whatever crazy fees they decide to throw in the mix. Why leave it up to them when we can ensure it gets done properly for a fraction of that cost. Baseboards, blinds, appliances inside & out, cabinets, floors, & walls.

  • Vehicle Cleaning/Detailing

    Over time your vehicle accumulates various particles that can harm the finish; bugs, dirt, mud, rain, salt, sand, tar, etc. are all harmful to the paint. Washing and detailing leaves layers of wax particles that provide a deep shine and forming a clear chemical bond that protects the paint and its original clear coat. Detailing guarantees longevity to the paint and retains the value of the vehicle. Professional detailing is not just a luxury, it is an investment that has become a necessity!

  • Green Solutions

    We at Maid for Cleaning care about the health of your family and pets as well as the planet and its future. That's why we use Seventh Generation products which are non-toxic and free of: phosphates, optical brighteners, synthetic surfactants, volatile synthetic solvents, & volatile organic compounds (VOCs). For more information on Seventh Generation cleaning products please click here.



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What's the difference between you and other cleaning services?
Maid for Cleaning is a home grown personable cleaning company with a family feel. Our personable staff and owners will go above and beyond to ensure exceptional service. You are not just part of a quota, you are a person with a need we can accommodate.

How do I know I can trust the people you send?
We would not invite a stranger into our home without knowing if it is safe. In turn, we conduct background checks on all our employees to insure the same safety for your home.

Do I have to sign a contract?
Contracts are not required. For several cleans it is however recommended because we are able to reduce the cost by frequency.

Does someone need to be present during the service?
Someone does not need to be present in order for us to access the property. We will arrange accommodations should we know in advance that this is needed.

What time do services arrive?
Services can begin as early or late as needed. We understand that things and visitors can come up last minute. Let us help prepare your home for the small surprises in life.

How many people will be sent during each cleaning?
How many people are sent to your place will depend on services requested and the size of your home.

If I sign up for long time service will it be the same person every time?
Definitely! Should you sign a continuous contract we can get the same person out to you each time.

How do you deal with pets?
In order to ensure safety for both our employees and your pets we ask that they be crated or removed from the property. This is not a requirement and we will be ok with your furry friends if they are not able to be removed.

What happens if I need to reschedule my service?
We ask that should you need to reschedule that we are notified as soon as possible. We are flexible and understand that things come up.

What if my cleaning service falls on a holiday?
We are open and available all year around. Should your clean fall on a holiday no worries we will be there. If you would like to reschedule we can do that as well!

What if something is damaged during the service?
We are insured and bonded should anything become damaged please let us know as soon as possible so we can rectify the situation immediately.

Do you offer gift certificates?
We offer gift certificates of any amount at any time.

Should I tip my cleaner?
Tipping is not required but if you feel you had excellent service feel free to show our staff your appreciation.

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